The vision of females in modern society is rapidly changing today. The imagery of 'amazon' represents women with strong individual fighting characteristics, and at the same time remaining incredibly feminine, full of mystery, sexuality and desire.
Artist: Gediminas Zilinskas

Gediminas Zilinskas is an international photographer, whose works are well known not only in his motherland, but all around the world. His works art up such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Monaco, Paris, London, Moscow, Oslo.

Born in Lithuania, he got his first camera at the age of 13 and since then he has been inspired by the world he could see through the lens of his camera. Woman's body is one of the most successful and strong reflections Gediminas showed to the world with the help of photography. His pictures are full of sensuality and wildness, but at the same time they are pure and unique. "To recreate this natural vision of woman's body, all I need is to feel that woman, survive her minds and live her world" - says the artist. Every picture reflects a life story, it has feelings and amaze with natural beauty of the woman's curves, where shadows becomes a part of the body.

His works inspired a worldwide well known magazines such as L'Officiell and Playboy. Being a man of mark in Lithuania he works with the most prestigious magazines and fashion houses Ieva, ExpressMada, Laima, Nuo Iki, Foto, Fashion House Nijole etc. Gediminas held a number of personal exhibitions and was a member of the jury in the international photo competitions. He shoot more than 300 covers all around the world.

Today his vision is to present a woman's body in the most natural and attractive way, so the photographs excite not only men's imagination, but women's as well. The new level of erotic sexuality depicted in the photographs leaves a feeling of masterpiece of art.

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